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It’s all about the wonderful experience!

We are a passionate team with a vision of delivering the best festivals at attractive locations. Organizing festivals to the most off-beat places is our core product that will create memories you will cherish for a lifetime.


The main activities of our organization include advertising and organizing cultural manifestations, events and festivals around the world, where various kinds of groups can participate: Folklore groups and Ensembles, Majorette Teams and Brass Bands, Choir Singers, groups that prefer Modern Dances, Ballet, Orchestras, groups that nurture traditional songs, etc.


The participants can apply for participation in some of the festivals in our country or festivals in other countries that are advertised on our website. They will have the opportunity to perform, compete and participate in international competitions, festivals and concert tours.

Our organization offers:

Organization, advertising and promotion of different kinds of festivals;

The opportunity and possibility for participation in festivals in our country or in other countries, regardless of the age of the group members. (Children, Youth and members of Veteran groups who wish to travel, compete and present their culture can take part in these festivals);


Some of the biggest benefits that these competitions, seminars and festivals offer are the results, the awards, the diplomas, and the certificates that each group (country) gets, as well as the possibility for the participants to meet new people and make new friendships. As we previously mentioned, the festivals are international and groups from all around the world can take part.


With the organization of these festivals we offer a great opportunity for all those people around the world who wish to enjoy and celebrate the beauties and importance of culture and tradition like we do, to join us. And of course, through the various songs, dances and interesting national costumes the participants will have the chance to learn something new about foreign cultures.

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MIOFF – Multicultural Organization Of Folklore Festivals


Petar Pop Arsov 18
6000 Ohrid
North Macedonia


Monday – Friday
09.00 – 17.00 hours / UTS: – 2:00


E-mail: office@mioff.org
Tel.: +389 (78) 70 06 19
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